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The World Changers Equipping track has the objective of leading a person from the very beginning of their spiritual walk with Christ, to maturing in faith and in knowledge of scripture, to being able to share their faith with others, to starting and leading their own ministry.


World Changers 101 - Learn About Living Hope

The purpose of Class 101 is to give you a basic introduction to our church family.  Since we are a church that has folks from many different church backgrounds (and many with no church background at all), this class is designed to clearly explain WHO we are and WHAT our church vision and goals are.  You will learn WHY we exist as a church, HOW we fulfill our purpose, and WHEN and WHERE we fulfill our purpose.  If you are interested, there will be an opportunity to become a member of our church. Only church members have access to the Online Church Directory for Living Hope Members.


World Changers 201 - How To Get Close To God

The purpose of Class 201 is to teach you how to FLOURISH in your relationship with God.  For thousands of years, God has used FOUR basic habits or disciplines to help people EXPERIENCE spiritual maturity and growth!  In this interactive class, we will help you build the solid foundation you need to grow as you have never grown before!!


World Changers 301 - Find Your Ministry

Class 301 shares a very special secret to finding your PURPOSE for life: “find out what kind of person God made you to be and then you will understand God’s will for your life!”  In 301, we show, through an assessment test,  how God uses the inborn talents, temperaments, spiritual gifts and life experiences you already have to direct you to your unique life purpose or “life song”!


World Changers 401 - Discover Your Mission

In the Bible, Jesus commanded us over and over to share GOD’S LOVE with the world!  How do we do that?  The purpose of Class 401 is to help you discover WHAT Your Life Mission is and HOW to fulfill your specific calling to be a messenger of love!


Other Courses offered:  Freshstart, Baptism, Cover the Bible in a Year - 501, and Systematic Theology - 601.

Please contact us, if you are interested in attending any of the above classes.

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