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Our Mission Statement

The mission of Living Hope Christian Church is to win people to Christ, consolidate them into a loving fellowship, disciple them into Christian maturity, equip them for ministry in the church and send them to fulfill their life ministry in the world so that God’s name is exalted! “O magnify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together” (Ps. 34:3-4)

Our Core Values

  1. We all desperately need a thriving relationship with Christ and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to fulfill our life purpose in this life and to live eternally in Heaven. We did not make ourselves! God created us to serve Him, therefore, without a relationship with God, we can never fulfill our purpose in life.
  2. People matter to God: therefore we value people (and evangelism).
  3. Teaching is for Life-Change: therefore we value the application of Scripture.
  4. Real Christ followers grow: therefore we value discipleship and growth in love and knowledge of the Lord.
  5. We want to grow larger and smaller at the same time: therefore we value small groups!
  6. God is honored with excellence: therefore we value excellence!
  7. Every member is a minister: therefore we value service.
  8. Changing methods – Unchanging message: we value creativity and innovation!
  9. Focusing on things that unite us, not what will divide us: we prefer to focus on major issues, such as the Great Commandments & the Great Commission than minor differences that may divide us!
  10. Leaders must be Learners! Because we love Christ, we want to continually know him better! Therefore, we value continuous growth among our leaders, because we cannot help others grow in the “knowledge and understanding of the Lord”, unless we continue to grow!

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